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Can I use my own generator, in addition to using solar panels, to charge the batteries in my kit?

Although most of our inverters do support using a generator for power, we do not include generators with our kits. In most cases inverters with one input may have an external transfer switch connected which allow for both the solar panel array and the generator to be connected, and manually switched between. It is strongly recommended to contact the manufacturer of the specific inverter with any questions regarding this. A list of the most common inverter manufacturer’s help lines is given below:

Enphase Energy: 1-877-797-4743

Fronius USA: 1-219-734-5500

Magnum Energy: 1-425-353-8833

Outback Power: 1-360-435-6030

Samlex America: 1-800-561-5885

Schneider Electric USA: 1-888-778-2733