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Complete System Financing Available

With Silicon Solar Flex-Pay Financing, you can reduce your electric bill every month with a TruPower cabin solar system.

Solar Cabin System Financing

Complete System Engineering And Design

For you cabin solar power needs, you may choose one of our pre-designed cabin solar kits (available at the bottom of this page), or speak with one of professional solar engineers who can assist you in developing a professional custom cabin solar kit that is perfectly designed to meet your needs.

Today, all of our PV system sales are engineered custom PV systems.

To get started:

  • Determine your PV system size needs using the calculator to the right
  • Contact our cabin PV professionals using the contact form to the right
  • Place your $800 engineering deposit & design fee through your sales rep
  • Purchase your recommended cabin PV system
  • Let us arrange professional installation with one of our local PV installers

What Will Your Cabin PV System Include?

Cabin PV System Components Solar Components Made In The USA

How Much Sun Is Available Where You Live?

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Please contact us or call us for more information about warranty at 1.800.786.0329.

What's In A Cabin Solar System?

Cabin solar kits from Silicon Solar are affordable, powerful and hassle-free complete solar power systems that are ideal for a variety of off-grid and remote solar power applications – including cabins, cottages, remote homes, hunting lodges, remote power systems and anywhere that power is needed but the cost of bringing in electric lines is cost-prohibitive.

Our cabin solar kits include:

  • High efficiency solar panels
  • Professional mounting hardware (made in the USA)
  • Battery bank (overcast protection)
  • Charge controller
  • Off-grid DC-AC inverter (AC kits only)
  • Pre-cut panel & system wiring

Check out our featured remote solar power system to the right, or our complete selection of cabin solar kits below.

Solar Panels

The best solar panels for your cabin solar kit are high-quality crystalline solar panels. Our crystalline solar panels are available from as small as 50 watts up to 200 watts (or more). Amorphous solar panels (like our own 15 - 40 watt modules or Harbor Freight's 15 watt panels) are among the most low-cost solar panels you can purchase, however, they are also the least efficient. Each of our pre-packaged Solar Cabin Kits include today's best-performing, high-efficiency crystalline solar panels.

Mounting Hardware

There are 3 main types of mounting hardware you can choose from for your solar cabin kit:

  • Flush Mounting - Roof The most common solar panel mounting. Works with tilted roofs and uses the slope of the roof to provide the tilt needed for the solar panels.
  • Tilt Mounting - Roof / Ground Mount your solar panels on a tilted frame. Can be used on the roof or the ground to provide additional tilt angle for the solar panels.
  • Top Of Pole Mounting - Mount up to 12 solar panels on the top of a schedule 40 steel pipe. Allows for the use of automatic trackers for increased performance.

The type of mounting that you choose will come down to your budget, the specific needs of your location, and your own personal preference. A sales representative can assist you with deciding which type is correct for you.

All of our mounting hardware is made in the USA using the strongest, most technically-advanced materials and manufacturing tools.

Batteries are a critical component in a solar cabin kit. Good batteries (AGM or SLA type) are used to store the power generated by your solar panels. All of your appliances pull the power that they need from your battery bank. You battery bank is also a great backup for cloudy days or during the night (when your solar panels are not producing any power). When sizing your battery bank, you should take into consideration the number of days your location can go without sunlight (how many cloudy days in a row might you get) because if you do not have a large enough set of batteries, you will not have any power.

Charge Controller

The charge controller has one simple but important job. The charge controller keeps your batteries from being overcharged when they are full. Overcharging can damage your batteries (or completely ruin them) so, a low-cost charge controller can save thousands of dollars in replacement batteries - an ounce of prevention and all.

DC to AC Solar Inverter

Solar panels produce and batteries store DC power. This is direct-current electricity. However, most appliances and electronic devices use AC (alternating current) electricity. This is why typical household power is delivered as AC electricity. The DC - AC inverter with your solar cabin kit transforms the DC power from your solar panels / batteries into more useable AC electricity. If your cabin's appliances use DC power, then you can choose one of our DC solar cabin kits because you will not need the inverter. The inverter will increase the cost of your cabin solar kit, however, DC appliances typically cost more than their AC counterparts and most modern buildings are setup to use AC power. You will need to determine to cost-benefit analysis of your choices (AC or DC cabin kit).


Your cabin solar kit has a number of places where specific wires and cables are needed. Our cabin solar kits come with most of these wires and cables included, though, if you have longer wiring runs, additional wiring may be required. Typically, you will need the following wiring or cables for your system.

  • From solar panels to your charge controller
  • charge controller to your batteries
  • Interconnection cables for your batteries
  • From your batteries to your power loads (DC kits)
  • From your batteries to your inverter (AC kits)
  • From your inverter to your power loads (AC kits)

Silicon Solar provide a 30 year power guarantee on the TruPower solar panels. We offer the longest power guarantee on the solar panel in the industry to assure our TruPower solar panels generations of energy, and also to assure you that you get the right return based on your investment. Silicon Solar's TruPower Solar panel 30 year power guarantee provide a level of reliability that is beyond compare.

Silicon solar also offers a 10 year component warranty on the TruPower Series Components. By using Silicon Solar for your innovative solar solutions, you can benefit from our warranty!

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