Canada Solar Garden Lights:

Silicon Solar's selection of Solar Garden Lights serve a variety of purposes and fit into just about any application. With so many different styles, we offer a Solar garden lighting option to accommodate all tastes and budgets. From Hanging Solar Lights, Ground-Stake Solar Lights, Solar Deck & Step Lights, and Solar Garden Spot Lights, Silicon Solar has what you”re looking for!

Hanging Solar Lights:

Hanging Solar Garden Lights come with a complete range of lights diversifying from a copper finish, stainless steel, post lante s, solar wall mounts, and mail box lights. These Hanging Solar Garden Lights are sure to add elegance and artistry to your pathway, garden or patio. With an automatic switch, these Solar Garden Lights are equipped to tu on at night and off at dawn. Over the past few years, our Hanging Solar Garden Lights have grown in interest mainly because of the increase solar LED technology that allows these lights to be brighter and last longer.

Ground-Stake Solar Lighting:

Ground Stake Solar Lights come complete with the solar panel, an LED, and ground and building mounting components. With adding a few Ground-Stake Solar Lighting you can enhance your garden, deck, patio, or walkway without raising your electricity bill. Because these lights do not come with wires, the hassle is gone and allows you to place your lights wherever they are receiving an adequate amount of sun.

Solar Deck & Step Lights:

Solar Deck & Step Lights provide solar garden lighting to the highest level of satisfaction because of their strong construction, high output, and minimal distraction to surrounding neighbors. Solar Deck & Step Lights give the opportunity to illuminate your deck and patio in many styles and sizes. Many of our Solar Deck & Step Lights are built with a highly durable constructed piece of plastic that allows for heavy weights to rest on top of each light.

Solar Garden Spot Lights:

Solar Garden Spot Lights are capable of illuminating any tree, shrub, stone, statue, or a large fountain that occupies your back or front garden. Solar Spot Lights are great unde eath plants and short trees. Capable of lighting up a 10” tree, each landscape spot light is designed for high output and low light pollution.