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AquaJet Pro Solar Fountain Pump 12-24V


AquaJet Pro Solar Fountain Pump 12-24V

AquaJet Pro Solar Fountain Pump 12-24V

Have you ever thought about how you could protect the environment and decorate your home at the same time? Here is a good option! The Silicon Solar Aquajet Pro Solar 12-24v Fountain Pump is a good way to save on energy costs and make your garden look good at the same time! With the simple, professional design and high quality solar material and components, the Silicon Solar Aquajet Pro Solar Fountain Pump is one of the best solar water fountain pump in the market. The Aquajet Pro Fountain Pump introduces the latest in DC brushless motor technology and commercial grade durability.

The Aquajet Pro Solar 12-24v Fountain Pump is very easy to clean and maintain.  It will be a perfect fountain pump if you are looking for medium to large sized pump on saving money on bill and saving the world! The solar panels come along with this pump can provide enough electricity to operate the whole fountain pump which means it is 100% solar powered without using any plugs. The reason the fountain is designed in a simple way is because we want to allow our customers to do their own design and be creative on setting up water fountains, ponds, waterfalls, or any other garden design.

The fountain pump includes a brushless solar pump that features an adjustable flow knob and four fountain heads that will provide variety to how the flow of your fountain looks. The Aquajet Pro Solar 12-24v Fountain Pump provides a battery back-up system for environment without sunlight, such as night time and overcast time. Also, the Aquajet Pro Solar 12-24v Fountain Pump also come with a dry-run protection with maximum reliability.

“The Aquajet Solar Fountain Pump is one of the best products Silicon Solar has to offer because of its quality, durability, and affordability” says Silicon Solar Product Manager Tom Mirabito.  Silicon Solar product developer Patrick McDonough says that he loves the Aquajet Solar Fountain Pump because it “adds a wonderful ambiance” to his sunset walks in the garden.

The Silicon Solar Aquajet Solar Fountain Pump is one of the most durable and reliable fountain pump in the solar market. The fountain pump can last for many years! Silicon Solar is dedicated to develop a cleaner, more sustainable world by our technology on solar energy. You won’t be regret to join other Silicon Solar products’ users!

To see the solar fountain pump in action and for more information, click the youtube link in a new window below!



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