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All About Our Scrap Solar Cells

Scrap solar cells are in high demand, and here at Silicon Solar Inc. we are one of the top providers of scrap solar cells. The advantages of scrap solar cells are they’re good practice for soldering, good for demonstrations and testing purposes, also making small to large solar panels, they are pretty cheap too. Of course there is a learning curve involved when it comes to reusing the cells. We provide the technical information that will help you create entire solar panels to get the cells back into operation to power your home or business.

There is also a very slight difference between the power output from a brand new solar cell and a scrap solar cell, once they are properly soldered, repaired and set up in panels. Which is easy to do, especially since the cells are so cheap you can practice on as many as your willing to. Purchasing the solar cells is easy you can just simply pick out how many cells you want by weight. Silicon Solar Inc. offers the cells in two sizes 6 ounces and 1 ounce.

Scrap solar cells tend to have a long life and warranty also the ability to produce power without a significant decrease in efficiency for quite some time. Once set up in panels outside, however, weather can damage glass panes, and accidents can happen to break the panels and cells. Purchasing the cells is a relatively easy process. Since many people realize that new solar cells can be very expensive, there is a growing market in used and scrap ones.

After an initial outlay of cash for repair tools and resources to help you do the work, you can be well on the way to creating your own solar panels for personal use. You are joining the growing family of solar energy users that are making use of this unlimited and environmentally safe power source, but you are also recycling, which also helps the environment. On the personal scale, however, the solar cell cost makes it prohibitive for most people to take the step towards using solar energy.

Although it is complex to get started, and should generally be attempted by people who have at least some knowledge of how solar cells work, and how to put them together. But in reality with the right information, which we provide anyone can make a solar panel.

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