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All About Our Popular AquaJet 24V Pro Kit!

One of Silicon Solar’s most popular brushless water solar pumps is our AquaJet 24V Pro Kit.  The AquaJet Pro 24V Kit is the latest in DC brushless motor technology with high efficiency and a long service life.  It is designed for outdoor or indoor water fountains and works best when the module is placed in direct sunlight.  The solar module charges a battery that provides power supply to the pump, this is so the pump can work at night and on overcasts days.

Most solar pumps have a difficult time getting a lot of lift when it comes to the water they are pumping.  The AquaJet Pro 24V Kit will get up to 10 feet of lift with the help of its 20W solar panel.  It is commercial grade, which means it has a more durable casing and motor.  The AquaJet Pro 24V Kit is such a powerful solar pump that it can even be used in a pond.

The AquaJet Pro 24V Kit comes with a solar panel that has a peak power of 20W.  The operation voltage is 12V to 24V and the rechargeable battery back-up is 3.2M.  The AquaJet Pro 24V Kit has a maximum water lift height of 12V/7Ah with a maximum flow rate of 1560 L/H.  The cable length that comes with the product is 5M.

The AquaJet Pro 24V Kit has two built in functions of dry-run protection; this protects the pump from burning out if it comes out of the water.  It comes with two sensor points on the side of the pump; therefore both sensors must be submerged under water in order for the pump to work at all times.  The flow rate of the pump can be adjusted by the flow valve on the product.

The AquaJet Pro 24V Kit has two modes, intermittent and continuous.  Continuous mode is used when you want the battery to charge all day so that you can run your fountain at night for a special occasion.  The pump will work for 2 to 3 hours at night when you use the charged battery.  Intermittent mode is used so that the battery senses a reduction of voltage from the solar panel when the sunlight is not hitting it as strongly.  The pump will then start to use the battery for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes if the sunlight has not started hitting the solar panel again the pump will shut off to keep the batteries charge.  Once the sun comes back out the pump will start running again.

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