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All About Our New GenLight 108 LED!

Silicon Solar has just released their new GenLight, the GenLight 108 LED.  When the first generation of the GenLight 108 was released it was one of the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective products available.  The GenLight 108 LED is now in its third generation, which means it is even more of a dependable, efficient product.  It is perfect for lighting up a medium to large sign and with its patent pending design it will generate enough light to light up your sign all night, every night.  The GenLight 108 will withstand the toughest weather conditions as well as vandalism.

The GenLight 108 is one of the most advanced and easy to use products on the market today.  With easy installation and cost effectiveness it is the best choice for a solar sign & flood light.  The GenLight 108 will come with everything you need to install the product in a fast, effective way!  Purchasing a mounting bracket is optional, but highly recommended when installing a GenLight.  You will never have to pay a professional electrician to install your lights and it will cost you nothing to operate your GenLight.  It works by recharging from the sunlight every day and then at night it will turn on automatically, which means no more worrying about turning your sign lights on and off.  The best part is that you will have no wires to have to worry about hiding or digging trenches to cover up.

The GenLight 108 is capable of lighting a 15ft. x 10ft. area and works great for not only lighting signs but walls, trees, entrances, and pathways.  The product will only take you 15 minutes to install and comes with a 12V crystalline solar panel, internal SLA Battery, 13 feet of wire, a commercial-grade light fixture, and 25’ of cable between the panel and light.

Check out our new GenLight 108 LED today!