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All About Our AquaJet 6-9V Solar Pump Kit!

Silicon Solar’s best solar water pump for small to medium size solar applications is the AquaJet 6-9V Solar Pump Kit!  Not only does it supersede all other solar fountain kits on the market, but it has commercial quality solar components.  The kit comes with a 3.5W crystalline solar panel, 6-9V pump, battery, and mounting accessories.  For only $99.95 you can have a kit that will be perfect for your solar birdbaths, water fountains, waterfalls, or your own personal, creative landscaping designs.  The AquaJet 6-9V Pump Kit is amazing when it comes to rural locations or stand alone situation.  With a 3 to 4 foot water lift and a total of 26.5feet of cord length, it will work in any situation you need it to!

Our AquaJet 6-9V Pump Kit comes with a 1 year warranty on the solar pump and a 3 year warranty on the solar panel.  With an automatic timer to save your battery for special occasions and adjustable fountain heads and flow rate it is a must buy!  It will look great in any pond, fountain, or garden.

Check out our AquaJet 6-9V Pump Kit today!