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StorMaxx Premium 80 Gallon Storage Tank - 2 heat exchangers - V2
Sku: StorMaxx-PTec-80-2HX-v2
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Our StorMaxxPtec solar storage tanks are made of the highest quality steel and are produced with over 80 years of experience.


StorMaxxPtec tanks are durable and virtually maintenance free. This is something we as a company guarantee.

Product description


  • Upright storage tank made of steel S235JR with 2 large surface bare-tube heat exchangers
  • Enamelling in accordance with DIN 4753 Part 3 on the inside, primer applied to the outside
  • Magnesium protection anode of 1¼’’ provided for completion of the cathodic corrosion protection in accordance with DIN 4753 Part 6
  • Sensor ports included
  • Thermometer included in delivery (subpackage)

  • Inspection opening 180 x 110 x LK 150
  • All external threads are fl at sealing
  • CFC free hard PU-foam insulation with a thickness of 50 mm and a casing of foil-clad, coloured synthetic material in accordance with DIN 4753 Part 8, RAL colours 9006; 9010; 2002; 5015
  • Compressive strength 10 bar (148.7 psi)

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