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Above Ground Pools Vs In Ground Pools

Should you choose an in ground pool or an above ground pool? What are the major differences between the two? Let’s take a quick look and see.

In Ground Vs Above Ground Pools: Cost:

Typically, an in ground pool is far more expensive than above ground pools. The initial cost of a in ground pool will run anywhere between $30-70K. Factors such as the size, type and options for the in ground pool will add up to this initial cost. Additionally, the following also must be considered in the cost of an in ground pool:

  • Patio / decking around the pool
  • Electrical hookup
  • Grading / landscaping
  • Accessories (salt chlorine generators, heaters, covers, etc)

While above ground pools are typically less expensive than in ground pools, there are three main factors that add up the cost of a typical above ground pool, including:

  • The price of the pool kit itself (typically $3-7k)
  • The price of installation (typically $1-5k)
  • The price of the pool surrounding / decking (if any)

This means that a typical in ground pool will cost between $30-70k, while a typical above ground pool will cost between $5-12k to start.

In Ground Vs Above Ground Pools: Size:

There is really no difference in size between the two types of pools. A 30′ round above ground pool actually has more swimming area than a 18×36′ in ground pool. The only real difference is that an above ground can usually only accomodate a single, uniform depth instead of having multiple depths like an in ground pool.

In Ground Vs Above Ground Pools: Maintenance:

There is virtually no difference in the amount of and schedule of maintenance required for an in ground pool vs an above ground pool.

In Ground Vs Above Ground Pools: Longevity:

On average, the structure of an above ground pool will last for 7-15 years, and the liners will last between 5-9 years before they need to be replaced.

The longevity of an in ground pool depends alot on the type of pool it is:

  • Fiberglass: well over 20 years
  • Vinyl: liners need replacing every 6-11 years
  • Concrete: need expensive resurfacing every 9-13 years
Above Ground Pool
In Ground Pool

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