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5 Great Benefits Of Solar Panels For Your Home

There are several great benefits in investing in solar panels for your home.  And, no matter how large, or how small a system you invest in, solar panels for your home always have the same great benefits.  So, what are the 5 great benefits of solar panels for your home?

1. Energy Savings – solar panels for your home can very easily slash 25-75% (and in some cases, 100%) of your energy bill every single month.  A set of good solar panels for your home can easily save the typical homeowner hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in energy costs (and completely pay for itself in just a few years).

2. Net Metering – this is actually where the term “spin your meter backwards” came from.  Net-metering simply means that when your solar power system creates more power at a given time than you need to use, the excess can be sent out onto the electric grid for other customers to use.  And, the electric company will pay you (through credits or actual payment to you) for the electricity that you send out onto the electric…every single day.  Net Metering is the one of the biggest factors in making solar panels for your home a cost-effective investment for nearly everyone.

3. Federal Solar Incentives – in order to make solar panels for your home more affordable and cost-effective than ever before, the federal government here in the United States has started to offer  a financial incentive for home and business owners to invest in solar panels and solar energy systems for their homes and offices.  Currently, the federal government offers a 30% federal income tax credit towards the purchase ofsolar panels for your home.  And there is no cap on the total amount of the income tax credit.

4. State Solar Incentives – to keep up with the federal government, and to help promote the purchase of solar panels within their states, many states have started to offer their own solar incentives when you purchase solar panels for your home or business.  These state incentives are not uniform from state to state, but typically include: state income tax credits, sales tax exemptions, property tax increase exemptions, cash rebates and more.  State solar incentives are one of the biggest factors in making solar panels for your home more cost-effective today than ever before.

5. Ecological Benefits – regardless of your views on politics, it is hard to argue that solar energy technology is far cleaner to create and use than traditional forms of energy (coal, oil, natural gas).  And whether you believe in global warming, or climate change, or not, I think that we can all agree that there are small changes we can all make that will have a centuries long impact on the health of the environment, and the people who live here (and will live here after us).  Getting solar panels for your home is a great way to help you financially, but also help the environment, and keep the Earth, and people, healthy.

Those are 5 of the biggest benefits of getting solar panels for your home.  While there are other benefits, and a huge number of additional reasons to consider investing in solar panels for your home, these are the benefits that really make solar panels for your home one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly choices you can make.