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12v 200Ah AGM battery

SKU: Batt-12v200Ah-AGM

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12v 200Ah AGM battery

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Batt-12v200Ah-AGM: The state-of-the-art lead-acid battery is the valve-regulated type of battery (sometimes called \sealed\ or maintenance-free) which fixes the acid electrolyte in a gel or in an absorptive fiberglass mat.. The sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries are great for many applications. These batteries are designed for use outdoors in any inclement weather as well as being able to be positioned any which way you may need with no risk of spillage. A dependable service life can be expected under normal operating conditions. Low self-discharge rate allows for storage of fully charged batteries for longer periods of time before charging is required. Lower storage temperatures will further extend shelf life.

Our 12V 135Ahr sealed lead acid batteries are one of our most solar batteries.  Perfect for use in a variety of solar power systems the 12V 135Ahr sealed lead acid battery has enough power storage for medium and large solar power solar charging and solar lighting systems.

Absorbant Glass Mar (AGM) technology for superior performance. Valve regulated spill proof constructions allows safe operation in any position. Approved for transport by air D.O.T. I.A.T.A F.A.A and C.A.B. certified. U.L. Recognized under file number MH 20567.

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