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12 Volt Fluorescent Lights

12 volt DC fluorescent lights are a great way for you to save money around the home, the office, the workshop, or anywhere else with a DC power supply for your lights. Just like their AC powered cousins (Compact Fluorescent Lights), 12 volt DC fluorescent lights are designed to deliver massive energy and electric bill savings.
With power draws between 7-40w, but has a light output in-line with 60-100w incandescent lights, 12v DC fluorescent lights save their owners hundreds, even thousands, of dollars over their lifetime…which is dramatically longer than a typical incandescent light.
And, because they are designed to draw DC (direct current) power, 12v DC fluorescent lights the perfect interior lighting solution for owners of off-grid solar power systems, or any solar power system with a DC output component for low-power, energy-efficient appliances and electronics.
If you have more questions, or would like more information on our 12 volt DC fluorescent lights please contact one of our lighting specialists today, or see our 12 volt DC fluorescent lights online here.